Contemporary Artist


Alexandre Malheiro was born in 1980 in France. He is a Franco-Portuguese artist who lives and works between Paris and Porto.

As a graphic and visual artist, Alexandre Malheiro is accustomed to being both the author and subject of his works. This unusual artist is all too familiar with the challenge of modern art : to create works and images conveying their own message, and to support them with plenty of energy, finesse and character.



November, 2016

The Creator of the Underground Digital Art

The story of the artist Alexandre Malheiro can be called one of a kind. He was born in a Portuguese family, and grew up influenced by the streets, art, design and life of Paris. As he mentions, he got into the digital technology quite early.


September, 2014

Portrait coloré de Malheiro, artiste contemporain (French)

Alexandre Malheiro fut un temps éloigné du monde artistique, mais son retour, inévitable, dans le milieu de l'ART est une grande réussite. Inspiré par le Pop Art, les affiches de films, le street art, l'actualité et les médias, ses oeuvres colorées...



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